Bosco Challenge Shield Inter-School Basketball Tournament 2016

Bosco Challenge shield is one of the most awaited Inter-School Basketball Tournament that has forever been associated with exemplary performances and breathtaking ankle – breakers.

The 42nd edition saw sixteen renowned school teams facing off each other and two making it to the finals Don Bosco Park Circus overcame the challenge posed by Khalsa English High School in the longest match that the tournament has ever seen margin and were declared school champions.

Steven Lee of Don Bosco School, Park Circus won the Best Player of the Tournament, courtesy of 62 points in 4 matches.

































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  • Raghunandan Farmania ( 3 A )
  • Sangbeet Balasubramani ( 4 D )
  • Shivansh Kanodia ( 5 C )
  • Rohit Jalan ( 8 C )
  • Kaizer Rahaman ( 11 Sc B )

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