3rd Edition

“Life is a play, a play of years long,

We play all our parts and the others go on.”

With this moto, the Bosco Dramatics Group presented BOSCO STAGECRAFT-2016 on 28th October in the school auditorium in the second half of the day. The boys presented rollicking, frivolous, enthralling, jocular and exhilarating dramas.

This was the paramount height of the inter-house drama presentation when two new logos were divulged by the school authorities and pedagogues. The program sparked off with the enlivening, encouraging and motivational allocution.

It was a cornucopia of dramatic talent that was displayed by all the high school learners from 6 to 12.

The dramatis personae presented exemplary, ace and exquisite pageants on the proscenium. The group presented homage and reverence to Allan Rickman and Nasiruddin Shah.

Best Actor: Chandrendu Chottopadhay (Yellow House)

Best script writer:Soumodeep Saha and Rachit Daruka (Yellow House)

Best House:Red


















1) General Notice for Admission

2) Admission for all classes for 2017-18 are closed

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Tue Jun 27 2017

  • Ashmit Bose ( 1 B )
  • Mrinal Sarda ( 3 A )
  • Madhav Bagaria ( 3 E )
  • Ishaan Sharma ( 4 E )
  • Hridayam Tusnial ( 6 C )
  • Rishi Mukherjee ( 8 B )

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