VITAL WASTE- Recycling Education School Tours

VITAL WASTE- Recycling Education School Tours

Students of Don Bosco School Park Circus had visited the Paper Recycling Plant, located in Falta for a VITAL WASTE- Recycling Education School Tours

The tour helps students learn about the whole process of making a new sheet of paper from old used paper. The students get a first hand experience of the manufacturing process and a clear understanding of the functioning of the machinery. The extremely enthusiastic children get an opportunity to ask questions and take notes. They are shown the different qualities and types of paper made in the plant which are wrapped in long bales and also how a cutting machine is used to cut these long bales to smaller sheets. Students are given sample papers to take home as a souvenir. 

The Vital Waste Team has successfully helped children to grow on their interest and motivate them. Showcasing the processing of recyclable materials, understanding the process and learning about the compelling benefits of recycling helping children make sound and thoughtful choices that will positively affect us locally and globally . Children left the mill with a mindset of proper recycling and waste disposal. Hence we believe that we can make a change by informing children and engaging them in the process of Waste Management thereby achieving the common goal of a Zero-Waste Ecosystem.  


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Fri Feb 23 2018

  • Steeve M Vinod ( 10 B )
  • Samarpan Roy ( 2 D )
  • Baibhav Roy ( 3 D )
  • Anish Sanghi ( 8 B )
  • Divyanshu Jasani ( 8 B )

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